Sunday, November 23, 2008

White Runs

The last couple runs to end the week have been in the cold white morning. I ran on the cycle paths through the farmlands, which was a beautiful scenery with all the grass and plants covered in snow. I didn't see much livestock out as I normally do. The only animals I saw were some black and brown sheep. If there was some white sheep then they did a good job of concealing themselves. The horses and cows must have been brought in to the stable.

This morning I headed out the door with the intent of running for 90 minutes, which on a regular training run should get me right around 13 miles. Mile 1 of the run was an unexpected 7:02. As easy as it felt I thought I'd see the first split around 7:30. The next 3 miles was an average pace of 6:45. Thinking that I had settled into a rhythm, mile 5 came across faster in 6:33. From then on my pace was consistent around the 6:33-6:36 range. I finished the run with 14 miles in 93 minutes. Here's how the week went down.

17-23 Nov

Mon: 8M easy at 6:59 pace
Tues: Noon: 4.3M easy @ 7:10 pace; PM: 8.25M including 13 x 300m w/ 100m recovery jogs; splits at 51-53; legs are fatigued
Wed: 7M easy @ 7:28 pace
Thur: 9.2M @ 6:58 pace
Fri: 9M @ 6:40 pace including 6 x 2' @ ~ 5:45 pace w/ 1' easy; felt good
Sat: 7M @ 6:50 pace
Sun: 14M steady @ 6:39 pace; very cold at 24 degrees; felt good.

Weekly Total: 66.7 miles

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Daniel Weston said...

Hey, thanks for leaving a message. Good running today. Keep up the good work.