Thursday, January 15, 2009


I practically acheived my "I'll be very happy with" APFT goal. Did 121 pushups, 101 situps, and ran 11:04 for the 2-miler, a 385 APFT score. The run was very cold and slippery from black ice on the roads. Came through the mile in a pedestrian 5:39, finished off with a 5:25, and then continued on for a 25 minute cooldown before rushing to get changed for my morning meeting. The 2-mile run actually felt like a short tempo workout. Four hours later during lunch time, I went for an easy 8-mile run. I should have ran in the evening instead of during lunch because the legs and body just wasn't feeling it. Felt like I was running on empty and the HR was higher than normal for an easy run. 13.5 miles total for the day.

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Love2Run said...

I'm glad you're 'happy' with that! You should go for the record with those kind of numbers. Your training is going well now that the leg issues are behind you.