Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feeling a little sore

It seems like the recent daily mileage combined with yesterday's hard workout session have introduced some new stress to the leg muscles, specifically the quads. I already knew the quads were going to be a bit sore because I was beginning to feel it late yesterday afternoon sitting at my desk, which is probably not the best thing to do following a run. Unfortunately, my job requires me to spend most of the day on the computer. Last night, I was proactive and got on the foam roller to break down the developing soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue in the legs. I think it helped significantly because the legs didn't feel too bad in today's run, an easy 10 miles at an unexpected 7-minute pace. I'm still feeling a bit tightness and soreness in the legs though, so I'm not planning to run very hard in tomorrow's 2-mile of the Army Physical Fitness Test. As of now, my "I'll be very happy with goal" is 120 pushups, 100 situps, and an 11:00 2-mile. I think the situps will be a tough challenge with the sore quads. One thing for certain is that there is no plan for another 400 APFT score.

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