Monday, January 12, 2009


Ran 8.7 miles at 6:55 pace during lunch. Was only planning to do 8 miles, but then kept going to make it an hour of running. The weather was great, sunny at about 40 degrees. Following the run, I did my usual weekday routine of abs/situps, pushups, core exercises and stretching. Since I have an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) on Thursday I wanted to see where I currently stand with my muscular endurance on pushups. Initially, I was going to see how many pushups I could in 1 minute, but then decided on the opposite - how long it would take me to do 100 pushups. I knocked out 100 pushups in 62 seconds. I was very happy with this considering I have 58 seconds remaining to try and knock out 25 more; my pushup personal best in the APFT is 124. Twenty-five pushups in 58 seconds doesn't sound like much when I could do 100 in 62 seconds, but believe me it is no easy task when you're already at muscle failure. For those unfamiliar with the APFT events they are pushups (2 minutes), situps (2-minutes), and a 2-mile run.


Mark said...

very impressive on the pushups-was always my weakest event of the three in pursuit of 300 points

Thomas said...

Wow, you're in awesome shape. Most runners I know struggle to do 20 pushups.