Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Freezing runs

My hat is off to those who live and run in the Northeast or whatever place where the temperature stays below freezing throughout winter.

Yesterday almost a foot of snow greeted us for the new running year. As I looked out my office window and watched the snow continue to fall, I couldn't resist going for a run during lunch. I went for a run in the heide and oh, what a beauty it was. It was an easy 51 minutes, right at 7 miles.

Tonight's run, which was around the same distance and running time as yesterday, was a bit too cold for me. It was freezing at 14 degrees. The achilles felt fine during the run, but the slight pain has now transitioned to the bottom back of the foot. Anonymous brought up a good point about heel spur or plantar fascitis. As stated in my comment, I'm icing it and treating as a possible plantar fascitis.

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