Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coming around

Today I did my first run over 10 miles since the weekend before Christmas. 15 miles in 1:41:32, 6:46 pace. Felt good and was just cruising along steadily. Ran in the afternoon when the temperature was much bearable in the 30s. It was a smart decision.

I'm quite impressed that I managed to put in a good week of running, especially the last 3 days with 10, 10, and 15 miles, after having some issues with the right leg. I'll have to be careful not to come back too fast and aggravate the leg. Here's how the week went down.

05-11 Jan

Mon: 7M @ 7:20 pace
Tues: 7M @ 7:15 pace
Wed: 8M @ 7:17 pace
Thur: 8.25M @ 6:44 pace
Fri: 10.1M @ 7:04 pace
Sat: 10M @ 6:48 pace
Sun: 15M @ 6:46 pace

Weekly Total: ~65.4 miles

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