Monday, May 04, 2009


Not a whole lot to write about. Recovery is ongoing. I took 4 days complete off from running following the marathon . On Friday I did a very slow and easy 30 minutes, and then on Saturday did 68 minutes also very easy. On Sunday I did not run, but I did bike about 30 miles on the Dusseldorf Marathon course supporting my friends Susanne Hahn (winner) and Jurgen (pacer for Susanne). Thanks to Susanne's coach and husband, I was fortunate to obtain an official bib, which allowed me to be on the course with my bike following Susanne and Jurgen. Congrats to Susanne on another win and personal best of 2:29:26, a time (sub-2:30) I hope to acheive in the future.

Today was 45 minutes of easy running.


nate said...


I'll be running the Army Ten Miler so hope to see you there..I wont be at 100% as I will be training through BOLC II and OBC but will give it a go with the fitness I have at that time. Glad your recovering well. Take care and keep in touch.


Wayne said...

Nate - I plan on being there too....I just have to run in the USAREUR qualifying race. We will certainly link up bud. Not 100% for you is still running 51-52 minutes. Insane!