Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Back to life

Marathon recovery is complete and now it's time to get back to training. I'll slowly build the mileage and begin incorporating the key workouts into the weekly schedule. I intend to structure my weekly training similar to that of the last couple marathon training cycles....3 key workouts (fartlek/intervals, tempo/MP runs, & long runs) and the rest easy running. However, this time I will include some hill running, short sprints up a steep hill, on one or two of the easy runs. I didn't waste any time incorporating this as I did 3 x hill sprints at the 5 mile mark of yesterday's 7+ mile easy run. I could tell that the legs and body wasn't used to sprinting up hills because I woke up with some tight buttocks. It's a good thing I'm experiencing the new stress in the early phase. Today's run was a fartlek workout of 10 x :30 seconds with 1 minute easy.

Today: 9M @ 6:54 pace including 10 x 30 sec. w/ 1' easy
Mon: 7.25M @ 7:03 pace

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