Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, I'm in my third and final week of recovery from the marathon and the body is feeling good. Still taking all my runs easy as I want to ensure I recover properly not only from the marathon but also from last week's 10-miler. Was quite impressed that I didn't feel any soreness in the legs after Saturday's race. Yesterday, I took a complete day off from running only because I didn't take one last week (Week 2 of Recovery). To sum up this week so far, I did 7 miles on Mon & Tues, a DNR (did not run) on Wed, and 9 miles today all easy. I'll finish off the week with easy runs capping the mileage right around 48 miles.

4-10 May (Week 2 Recovery)

Mon: 6M @ 7:13 pace; core & stretching
Tues: 5M @ 7:24 pace
Wed: 6M @ 7:07 pace; core & stretching
Thur: 5.1M @ 7:02 pace; core & stretching
Fri: 5.1M @ 7:05 pace ; core & stretching
Sat: 10M Race in 55:14 (5:31 pace); 13.5M total
Sun: 8.6M @ 7:12 pace

Weekly Total: 49.3

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