Thursday, May 07, 2009

Next Marathon???

I'm trying to decide which marathon in the Fall to run next. I've narrowed my choices to Berlin, Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) or Eindhoven.

According to my European Marathon Tour plan, Berlin Marathon is next on the list. It is actually my most favorable right now because of its fast course....and I want to run fast, faster than 2:34. Enough said.

I'm also considering Marine Corps Marathon. One might ask why run MCM again. In fact, MCM is the only marathon which I have ran more than once. The first MCM ('03) was my 1st marathon. I ran MCM ('05) a 2nd time as part of the US Army team, which is the only reason I'm considering running it again. 2005 was also the last time Army won the Armed Forces Marathon Championship team competition. It'll be a great feeling to run again in the Army team alongside the fastest runners in our nation's military service.

Eindhoven Marathon. Despite it not being listed on my EMT, I'm choosing Eindhoven as my fall-back marathon. I see myself running this marathon only if I decide not to run Berlin (or if Berlin registration fills up or closes) and I don't get selected to run in the Army team (improbable). Eindhoven Marathon is also fast (course record of 2:07:50) with great crowd support and good weather.

Any suggestions or recommendations?


Mark said...

My recommendation is Berlin, Eidenhoven and then MCM. Berlin being fast is also an opportunity that doesn't come up too often condsidering your locale. Eidenhoven just because its fast, etc. MCM, not exactly the easiest course with the uphill finish.

I ran MCM for Navy in 1990 there at a 2:46, our #1 runner won in 2:25, but our female DNF so we didn't take the title. Maybe I'll run for Navy next year there as it'll be another anniversary year.

Wayne said...

I like your recommendation Mark. Thanks.