Sunday, May 17, 2009


The decision is made and registration completed. Berlin will be marathon number 11.

Had a nice easy run of 12+ miles this morning. Kept the HR between 65-73% of max heart rate the entire run. Was happy to see the pace drop to 6:40 for the last 7 miles with the HR and effort staying the same. A good sign of fitness with recovery coming to an end.

11-17 May

Mon: 7M @ 7:18 pace; core
Tues: 7M @ 7:11 pace; core
Wed: DNR
Thur: 9M @ 7:03 pace
Fri: 7.2M @ 7:02 pace; core
Sat: 7.1M @ 7:03 pace
Sun: 12.4M @ 6:50 pace

Weekly Total: 49.7 miles


Michael said...

That will be a fantastic race, with a course that flat are you going for a PB? Anything different with the training this time around? Regardless, enjoy yourself!

Wayne said...

Thanks Michael.
I'll be lying if I didn't say I was aiming for a new PB. As for the training, I'll do a few things adding some hill repeats, higher mileage and probably a little less races compared to Hamburg. Tempo runs, MP workouts, longgg runs, long intervals, etc. will still be part of my marathon training.