Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back on track

First short interval speed session on the track with my Dutch running friends in what seemed like ages. The workout was 5 x 300 + 4 x 500 + 5 x 300, all with 200 meters recovery. Before heading to the track I checked Daniel's Running Formula book for my training pace(s). Based on my recent marathon result, I should be running the short repititions in: 35 seconds for 200 meters and 71 seconds for 400 meters. I really didn't expect much from the legs since it was just my first time back on the track for some leg turnover. The legs and body felt great the entire workout and I never felt like I was running at an all out effort. Here are the splits for the workout:

5 x 300 (54, 51, 52, 50, & 51)
4 x 500 (1:30, 1:31, 1:29, & 1:29)
5 x 300 (51, 52, 50, 51, & 51)

On the 300s I came through the 200 mark in 33-34, and for the 500s I came through the 400 mark in 71s.

Today: AM - 4.2M @ 7:21 pace; PM - 9M including 5x300 + 4x500 + 5x300
Mon: 8.3M @ 7:06 pace including 5 x hill sprints (12 seconds)

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wcapsoldier said...


Im back up and running..kind of got bored not writing down my thoughts..looks like your still training strong..really proud of you brother..wish I could be there in Berlin with ya..that would be a great marathon to go for a fast time in..see yourself breaking 2:19..you have the potential to do it and you know I have contacts here even if you dip under the 2:30 barrier..you deserve to be here too.

Keep it up!
PS-I'll be at the army ten miler too