Tuesday, June 09, 2009

9 June

I had only planned to do one training session, track workout at night, because I didn't think I'd have time to fit in a run at noon due to a busy day at work. However, when my meeting ended early I realized that I had an hour to spare, so I sneaked out for a short easy 4-miler.

Tonight was a good track session with my Dutch friend Paul and Emily Chemutai, a Kenyan female who trains and races here in the Netherlands. This is about the 5th time Emily has joined us for some speedwork. We did 5 x 1K with 200m recovery. Paul, Emily and I each took turns with the pacing; Paul would pace the first 400, I'd take over for the 2nd 400 and Emily for the last 200. We mixed it up every repeat so that we weren't pacing the same portions of the 1K. Splits were 3:10, 3:09, 3:07, 3:08, & 3:06. I was surprised that Emily stayed with the pace, because she just came off a 10K race on Sunday running 33:58 (see below). Paul, Emily and I will be running the Maastrichts Mooiste this weekend. However, we will all run in different races; Paul will run the 15K, Emily in the 5K elite race, and me in the 5K non-elite race.

Plts Naam GJ Woonplaats/Vereniging Bruto Netto
1 Caroline Cheptonui Kenia 31:36 31:35
2 Nadia Ejjafini Marokko 32:45 32:45
3 Lydia Kurgat Kenia 33:01 33:00
4 Ruth Wanjiru Kenia 33:20 33:18
5 Monica Wangari Kenia 33:32 33:30
6 Joan Aiyabei Kenia 33:44 33:43
7 Emily Chemutai Kenia 33:59 33:58
8 Masila Ndunge Kenia 34:03 34:01
9 Loise Kangogo Kenia 34:39 34:38
10 Ezby Strydom Zuid-Afrika 34:42 34:40

Today: Noon - 4M @ 7:25 pace; PM - 8M including 5 x 1K (3:10, 3:09, 3:07, 3:08, & 3:06)

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Michael said...

Nice w/o, all the best this weekend.