Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I managed to get in my run before starting a long day at work. I did a fartlek workout of 8 x 2 minutes at approximately 5k-10k effort with 1 minute easy for recovery. During the recovery portion I monitored my percentage of max HR to see how low it would get. The max HR percentage got as low as 65-67% for the first five repeats and only 69-71% for the remaining three. Obviously, it would have taken me over a minute to get down to 65% for the last few repeats, but that wasn't the point of the workout. Good tough workout overall. I suggest you try this fartlek workout if you have never done so before.

It will be very difficult to get in a run tomorrow. It comes down to whether I want to run at 5am or 8-9pm. No running is not an option.

Today: 9.1M @ 6:39 pace including 8 x 2' w/ 1' easy

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wcapsoldier said...


You are a badass brother! Hope to see you at the army ten miler. I leave for BOLC II tommorow morning, will be running the fort benning army ten miler team trials on 13 June to see where I am at. You have my utmost respect. Take care.