Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30 June

It turned out that our relay team lost by 63 seconds despite having a nice cushion lead going into the 6th leg and having the 2009 Netherland's Half-Marathon Champion Patrick Stitzinger (1:02) running the 7th and last leg.

I'd say that we actually lost the relay because our 5th runner ran two consecutive legs, the 5th and 6th leg totaling 32 kilometers (20 miles). Initially, he was supposed to only run the 5th leg, but due to another injured runner someone had to double. In the weather conditions we ran in, high 70s and very humid, it would have been smarter to have him run an early and late leg versus two consective legs (note the two bib numbers below). He ended up totally bonking in the 6th leg running 1:31 for 17.3K. On the other hand, we still should have easily won the race if Patrick (left below) had at least run a tempo run. He ran 57 minutes for 15K, which he normally finishes in 44-45 minutes.

Regardless of the end results, we all still had a lot of fun. The team won 4 of the 7 legs. I won the 3rd leg of the race and was given a trophy at tonight's track session since I didn't stay till the end. Interesting that the results had my time at 59:21, about 30 seconds faster than what I had.

Tonight, I did some shorter intervals with the club. We did 10 sets of 300m (100m rec.) + 200m (100m rec.), total 5000 meters of speed. I'd list the splits but it'll be a bunch of repetitive numbers. I ran the 300 meters in 52-54 seconds and the 200 meters in 34-35 seconds.

Today: AM - 4M @ 7:17 pace; PM - 8.5M including 10 sets of 300m + 200m
Mon: 10.1M @ 7:00 pace


Chad said...

Wayne, have you followed any of Brad Hudson's plan other than adding the hill sprints?

He says he places them on the easy days because he finds them to be the best indicator for having to adjust future workouts.

BTW, the gal you're handing off to is super cute - in case you weren't aware.

Wayne said...

Chad - yes, i have followed Brad Hudson's marathon plan to a certain degree. Besides the hill sprints I have picked out many of the Friday and Sunday workouts. Fridays on not too much different from what I've done in the past...tempo runs, cruise intervals or MP runs. As for the Sunday long runs I sometimes add a fartlek in the middle of the workout as Brad suggests.

And yes, I certainly was aware of the cute girl I handed off too. There are lots of them here in Holland.

Mark said...

Nice relay write-up and congfrats on another trophy. love the photos! #454 sure looks good to run a relay with.

Looks like you solidified a good workout. Keep at it. Names are starting to come as to who is running Berlin. I think you made a good choice.