Monday, June 01, 2009

Day off = Rest, Relax, Run

Had a day off (Whit Monday) from work, so I took advantage of it by sleeping in longer than normal and getting in a couple runs. I woke up at 0830 (got in a whopping 9.5 hrs of sleep) and was out the door at 9 for an easy 8 miles. At 6.5 miles into the run, I stopped at the base of a steep hill for some hill sprints. I did 8 x 13-second hill sprints. Later in the afternoon I went out for another easy run and followed it up with some core exercises. The next couple days might be tough for me to get in some quality running as I'll be working early and getting off late.

Today: AM - 8M @ 6:59 pace including 8 x 13-sec hill sprints; PM - 4.2M @ 7:06 pace

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