Friday, June 05, 2009

Suck it up

I felt very sluggish when I started out my run; legs a little heavy, HR was too high (151) at a slow pace and the motivation to run at tempo pace just wasn't in me. Thoughts of sacrificing the planned tempo interval workout (2 x 2 miles) for an easy run crossed my mind. But then I thought about the famous military slang "suck it up". I did just that. After a three mile warmup and a couple strides, I set out on a half-mile grass loop on a sports field for the 2-mile tempo intervals. I ran at a effort which felt around 5k-10k pace. The planned recovery between the tempo interval was 2 minutes of very easy running, but then I changed it to however long it took me to get the HR down to 65%. It took an additional 12 seconds (2:12). Splits for the tempo interval below. It was a good workout after feeling like crap early on.

10:47 (5:18, 5:29); HR (171/175)
10:37 (5:19, 5:18 ); HR (172/173)

Today: 10M including 2 x 2-mile tempo intervals
Thur: 9M @ 6:59 pace

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