Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The body needs to recover too

Yesterday was a fun and tiring day. I put in a total of 19 miles and biked the rolling Umstead trails. Once I made it home I ate some lasagna, watched a little of the all-star game, and then hit the sack. Man, was I tired. The alarm clock went off at 0530. Screw that! I shut the alarm off and got in an additional 1 1/2 hours of well-needed sleep. Today was a recovery day, so I ran very easy on the Mata Mile trails. It was nice to run under shade, especially with the sun out in full force.

Before I took off for my run, I met up with my friend Dale. Dale (now working as a civilian) is a recently retired Special Forces officer and a very fast masters runner. I can only imagine the training Dale has been through the past 20 yrs he's served our nation. I bring this up, because just recently he had surgery on his left leg and can't run for now. I don't know the specifics of the surgery, but he stated that the doctors did some work on the leg. From putting a metal rod or plate to re-attaching some ligaments. All the SF training and running has taken its toll over the years. Dale hates the fact that he sees runners running each day and he can't be out there doing the same. I think once he's done with therapy he'll be back doing what we all love - running.

After talking to Dale, I've realized that as runners we can't go day in and day out training like there is no tomorrow. We take it for granted until we get injured. But even with that, we recover and get right back into training. We tend to forget that the body does not get any younger. If we want to keep running, then we need to learn to give the body some rests.

Today's Run: 55:02

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