Thursday, July 20, 2006

A True Fighter!

I must first write about Floyd Landis' performance. Simply Amazing!!! After watching him crack, bonk, hit the wall yesterday (what ever you want to call it) I really thought the tour was over for him. He proved that he is a true fighter. He has made this year's tour worth watching. My HR was probably higher watching today's stage than it was in this morning's run. Landis was asked how he felt about winning the stage... "I don't care. I came here to win the Tour and that's what I still want to do, and I'm not done fighting yet." AWESOME! He's a much better time trial rider than the 2 guys in front of him, so stage 17 will be very interesting. Go Landis! Go USA!

Okay, about running now. I ran with my friend Bob on what was supposed to be an easy 60-65 minutes of running. Bob, who has ran sub-55 for 10 miles and low 33's for 10K, is a close friend of mine. I like to train with him because I still believe he's a faster runner than me (not that I think I'm fast) and that he can help push me along. I recently switched one of my key workout days from Thursday to Friday, which means today was an easy day to get in the miles. On easy days I normally would run alone only because I know the run won't turn into a race or fast workout.

We went out at a comfortable pace around 6:55 - 7:00 for the first few miles. As the run went on I could see that Bob was slowly increasing the pace, probably around the faster end of easy pace. It was still easy, but I knew that the pace would keep increasing as the run progressed. Thirty-five minutes into the run and we were running at about 6:10-6:15 pace. Feeling pretty good and very comfortable at this pace I decided to pick it up a little to around 6:00-6:05. It was a good feeling knowing that I was running right around marathon pace towards the end of the run and the pace still felt very comfortable. It didn't feel like the run took a lot out of me. I'll find out tomorrow when I run for 1:30 which will include 3 x 10' @ half-marathon effort.

Today's Run: 1:11:12
Wednesday's Run: 51:13

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Phil said...

A truly remarkable ride by Floyd this morning. Putting yesterday’s disaster behind him, he used his team to crank the pace way to high for the “average” rider and blew everyone away on the climbs. When he passed the leaders and barely paused to take a sip of water, I saw a strong hint of Lance Armstrong in Floyd. How many times did we see Lance catch up to the pretenders during a climb and barely slow down to acknowledge their presence before crushing the field. Leave the flats to armatures. The mountains are where champions are made.