Sunday, July 09, 2006

What a difference a day-off makes

No running yesterday. Instead, I biked for about 90 minutes on the All American Trail. It was actually a good cross training. I thought it would be a nice stroll in the park. For the most part it was except for climbing the hills. I'd rather run the hills. I'd pedal at a low gear on the hills, but it seemed like I was not going anywhere.

I woke up this morning wondering how my right leg would hold up for the long run. I iced the injured area quite a bit yesterday. If the leg hurts as bad as Friday's run, then I'll end the run early. If not, then I'll run long. I started out on a 4 mile loop before going any further. This allowed me to be in walking distance if I called it quits. Early in the run I could feel a little twinge in the right leg, but it was bearable. While moving along at about a 6:50 pace I noticed that my right leg was no longer in pain. An hour into the run and I was feeling very good, so I dropped the pace to around 6:40. I initially planned to run for 1hr45m, but decided to make it 2 hours since my legs still felt fresh. The day off yesterday might have helped freshen up the legs. As usual, I ran the last 20 minutes at about marathon pace. I finished off the last 3+ miles at 5:55-6:05 pace. The pace felt comfortable and I know I could have kept going. I'm really glad my right leg held up. I ended up having a very good long run, which was about a 1/4 mile short of 18 miles.

Today's Run: 2:00:07

Weekly Summary: 67 miles - 7 workouts / 6 days;


Eric said...

Good news about the leg. I hate those kind of pains.

Nice run today. A faster finish on a long run inspires a lot of confidence, especially when you finish feeling like you could go on and on and on...

Maria said...

Just stumbled upon your blog, and figured we share a coach :). Some trademark workouts like pace booster runs immediately made me think "Hey, this sounds like MY schedule!".

Great job on your training, Wayne! I wish I could be this fast, even by women's standards. But I'm working hard, and have improved tons since last year. You can see my running blog at
Feel free to stop by and drop a line. I can always use more encouragement, advice, etc., especially from someone following a similar program.