Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nice steady long run

Training seems to be going in the right direction. Today's long run put me at 89.5 miles for the week. Don't ask why I didn't put in the extra 1/2 mile to get to 90. Maybe I'll get out and run the 1/2 mile before the day is over. I'm quite surprised that the legs felt good after putting in a total of 28 miles the past couple days. It could be that I've learned my lesson from last Sunday's run and have been taking in the necessary carbohydrates and protein.

My friend Bob and I ran around the Methodist College campus and track before getting on the Cape Fear River Trail. The CFR Trail is a paved trail with some slight rolling hills. This was our first time running this trail. The trail provided lots of shade and a nice view of nature. After running the first couple miles easy we settled into a steady pace. At 10 miles we averaged a 6:54 pace, then clipped off 6:30 pace for the next 5 miles. While Bob ended his run at 15M, I added a few more miles on the grass fields of the Jordan Soccer Complex.

I'm back to work tomorrow after a couple weeks of leave. The sad thing is that I probably won't be able to get in the miles like the last 2 weeks.

Today's Run: 1:59:11
Saturday's Run: 1:00:03


Dusty said...

That picture just makes me want to go for a run there! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you really got some mileage the past couple days!

Phil said...

Great mileage for the week and thanks for the picture. This trail looks like such a pleasant place to run.

Are you training for anything in particular or are you putting in 90 mile weeks just for fun? With trails like the one pictured I can fully understand why you'd run it for the pure joy of covering the mileage in such scenic conditions.

Wayne said...

Dusty, Phil - Thanks for the comments.

Yeah, I'm very fortunate that there are many nice trails around the area. As for my mileage, I normally average around 65-75 a week. I'm looking at running a 10-miler, half-marathon, and marathon in the fall, so my mileage and training will increase over the upcoming months.

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Phil said...

Wayne ... it looks like you are getting SPAMMED. Turn on the Word Verification option from the blog settings. This will stop this type of noise cold!

Phil said...

Wayne .. where did you go? You haven't posted for a week?