Thursday, July 06, 2006

Very humid

Today was very humid. Man, did I feel every bit of the humidity on the run. Like a week ago, today's workout was a pace booster run. This time I increased the pace workout by 5 minutes (40 min. total). I knew the workout, 70'/40' (15' warmup, 40' at ~6:00 pace, 15' cooldown), was going to be tough because of the humidity. You can plan a workout but it doesn't mean that it will always go as planned. After the warm-up, I could tell that finishing the workout was going to be a challenge. I wasn't feeling it today and the legs felt very flat. I ran the first couple miles in 6:03's. My body felt like it had to put a little more effort to stay on pace. Because I was feeling like sh**, I decided to break the 40' pace run into 2 x 20' runs with 30 seconds of rest in between. This turned out to be a good idea as my legs regained a little strength on the 2nd run. I ended up averaging a 6:02 & 6:01 pace for the splits. Regardless of whether the pace run was one run or split in half, it was still a good workout.

Today's Run: 1:11:15
Wednesday's Run: 41:30

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