Saturday, July 15, 2006

Day off from running worth taking

Today was a complete day off from running. You're probably wondering why I took a day off when I just did an easy recovery run yesterday. First of all, I don't really take days off when I'm in full training. I decided to take a day off to give my right leg a little rest. My inner right leg has been in a little pain over the past week. Hoever, it has not bothered me in the last few workouts, so I figured laying off of it (from pounding the pavement) for an entire day will make it feel even better.

A day off from running doesn't mean stay in-house. I ended up spending my day touring the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway in western NC. Wow! What a beautiful scenery it was. I had an awesome time. The day could have only gotten better if I ran on some of the trails. I was smart enough to leave the running shoes behind. Pictures following this post.

Today's Run: Did not run

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