Tuesday, July 18, 2006

That's more like it

After a horrible Sunday run, Monday and today's run went a whole lot better. I really focused on taking in the necessary carbohydrates and protein to aid in my recovery. Monday's run was just plain easy running. The usual 65 minutes keeping the pace right around 7 min./mile.

This morning I put in a progression run. I like to include this type of workout in my weekly schedule. I truly believe this teaches runners to run negative split in races (particularly the marathon). In fact, isn't this how we should race? Today's progression run was a little different than the one I was to run on Sunday. The plan was to run for a total of 80 minutes. Run 80% of the workout at a steady easy pace and then pick up the pace (close to half-marathon pace) for the last 20% of the workout. I initially wanted to run 75% easy and 25% comfortably hard, but with the temps already near 80 degrees I altered the percentage of easy/hard. I ran 9.25 miles in 64 minutes, averaged 6:55 pace, before hitting the track for the fun part of the workout. I sometimes struggle to estimate the run route, so that I end up on the track right on time to do the faster running. As my soaking body circled the track, I could feel the change of leg-turnover. It's a great feeling to change the pace, especially when it's faster, after more than an hour of steady running. I came across the following 2 miles in 5:46 & 5:44, 1:26 for the ninth lap, and then finished with a 1:19 last lap (total of 2.5 miles of faster running). The progression run was a success as I was able to get in some good stamina training.

This is an update since I put in an afternoon run. It was a scorching 97% when I went out for a run. I decided to run without a watch hoping it would force me to run very slow and not worry about the time and pace. I practically felt naked, not because I ran shirtless but because I had no watch. If you never tried running without a watch I challenge you to try it. See if you can run the entire workout without looking at your invisible watch. I'll bet you a $100 you can't. The run turned out to be a good one as I probably averaged somewhere around a 8:00 pace.

Today's Run: am - 1:24:17 / pm: ~4.5M (no timing)
Monday's Run: 1:05:02


Phil said...

Wayne ... great progression run. I haven't run a 5:46 mile since 1972 and never after the warmup you discussed. Simply amazing

Running without a watch is very liberating. Mike convinced me a couple of months ago to stop racing with a watch and I've recommended the same to everyone who'll listen. For most of my easy runs, I wear my Garmin to clock the miles only. This allows me to adjust my routes day to day without having to measure my progress later.

Where are you running now? I really liked the pictures of the Blue Ridge Mountains you posted earlier.

Wayne said...

Phil - Thanks for the comment. I'm stationed at Fort Bragg, NC so I basically run on-post or around the Fayetteville area.