Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Feels like a vacation

Fourth straight day off from work and it feels like a vacation. I'm not complaining. It's just that it doesn't come around too often. It was a good day to catch up with some sports (baseball, World Cup, Wimbledon), relaxation, and of course running. I ran the All American Trail for the 2nd straight day. I initially had planned to run a trail on-post, but decided not to because of possible heavy traffic and heightened post security. The President was celebrating Independence Day with fellow Troopers here at Fort Bragg, so I'm sure there were some very tight security all over post.

Unlike yesterday, I didn't take in the scenery in my workout today. I did a stride workout in the middle of my run, 10 x 30 seconds at about 3k pace with a minute recovery. The workout may seem easy, but try running it on rolling hills with 30 minutes of steady running before and after the repeats. I was fairly tired afterwards, probably because I started my run a little later (7:30am) than normal and that the heat and humidity was rising. In the late afternoon, I put in an easy 5.

Today's Run: am: 1:16:02 pm: 36:00

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