Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Can't beat the heat

This morning was a slow easy run with my company. It was actually what I needed to give my legs a little recovery. It's sometimes tough to put in the easy/recovery runs when running alone. I've noticed that all it takes is to find someone slower than you and run at their pace. I ended up running 4.7 miles with my company.

Because I wasn't able to run my scheduled workout, I decided to put in a late afternoon run. I leave the office at 1830 and cannot believe how hot and humid it is. I later found out that the temperature during my 2nd run was in the high 80s with 85% humidity. I started my run with a 20 minute warm-up and headed for the trails. The warm-up felt like an actual workout itself. Immediately following the warm-up I went straight into a stride workout, 10 x :30 with 1 minute recovery. I ran the repeats hard at about 5:00/mile pace and on rolling trails. I like to incorporate strides or fartleks in my weekly schedule to get some leg-turnover. I wanted to finish off the workout with 20 minutes of cooldown, but the legs and body were pretty beaten from the heat. At the end of the day, I still ended up with about 12 miles.

Today's Run: am: 41:00; pm: 49:48

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