Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Keeping a base

My level of base fitness feels high. I don't have any races on my schedule. For now I plan to keep a good base. Tuesdays are usually my fartlek or speedwork days, but today I feel like putting in an easy medium long run. I run along the roads of Fort Bragg. The great thing about Bragg is that there are many places to run (roads, grass, trails) and most of it are rolling hills. My legs feel good and recovered. I take off and settle into an easy and steady pace at about 6:50/mile. Throughout the run I pick up the pace to about 6:30. I don't want to make this run a hard workout so I ease off a bit. The plan is to run around 75-85 minutes. I'm still feeling good around 70 minutes so I decide to go another 15 minutes. My legs begin to feel a little fatigue at the end of the run. I love this feeling because it teaches my body and legs to run fast when they are fatigue. I believe this is what gets me through the marathoon.

Quote: "I've always taken the philosophy that you have to dream a little in this sport, if you stay in your comfort zone, you're not going to do anything special." - Deena Kastor

Today's Run: 1:25:03

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Melinda said...

Keep it up coach! I am looking forward to your wet weather run entry for today!