Sunday, June 25, 2006

Feeling good

It was a smart decision to take a day off from running yesterday. My legs felt a whole lot better in today's long run. I ran on-post (Ft. Bragg) where the roads are normally free of traffic. I started out the first few miles around 7:15/mile. By mile 4 the, body settled into a steady pace and I found myself running comfortably about 6:40-6:55 pace. The weather this morning was overcast and around high-70s with the humidity at 90%. I was already soaked in sweat, so I knew it was very important that I took in some electrolytes. At about mile 10, I stopped by the shopette to pick up a powerade. The cashier gave me a strange look when I gave her a wet dollar. I apologized and told her it was hot out there. Hopefully she understood.
I planned out the run to where I'd end up at the track at 1:25. The track is about a mile from where I'll finish my run. Like almost all my long runs, I finished the last 20 minutes at a faster pace. I ran the next couple miles on the track and looked at my watch only at the mile split. I hit the 2 miles in 6:04 & 6:02. This was good news because I was feeling good running by effort. I exited the track and headed back to where I'd finish. I picked up the pace in the last mile running it around 5:50.

I have one more week of base mileage, then I'll begin another phase of training. It's hard to believe that i've done only base mileage for the last 11 weeks. I can tell my level of fitness is high so things will be interesting for me.

Today's Run: 1:45:05


Eric said...

You picked the right blog to post a comment on if you wanted to get swamped with traffic!

Looking forward to reading more.

marappu said...

Excellent workout, Wayne.

BTW, you should be in Saipan right now, cleaning up all the medals at the Micronesian Games.

Keep up the good running!