Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Signal Corps Regimental Association Run

I did not do much running today. In fact, we had a Signal Corps Regimental Association run of 4 miles. It was at a very slow pace, which I didn't mind since my legs have been fatigue lately. It was nice to see all the other Signal units running as a whole. The amount of Soldiers running was a brigade plus. I'm always amazed to see the amount of Soldiers running in a brigade or division run. The sight is awesome. I remember my last division run in May during All-American Week. The division command group reached the turn-around point (2 miles) and there were still units that had not left the start line. The interesting part of today's run was seeing all the orange guidons (Signal color is orange). It was great feeling to have my guidon and company run in the regimental association run.

Today's Run: Did not time; 4M

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