Saturday, June 10, 2006


Today is a scheduled day off, but I decide to go for a very easy recovery run to loosen up the legs and flush out some waste. My legs are a bit tight from yesterday's race, but not sore or beaten up as they normally are after a long race. This means that i'm either in good shape or I didn't run hard enough. I plan to run about 30 minutes, so I run around the neighborhood. It's 7am and I head out the door. Beautiful morning - clear skies and about 68 degrees. As I run I look at the houses and think that all the neighbors are probably still sleeping. I see no other runner or walker on the roads. The only thing awake are some squirrels that run towards the trees when they hear my footsteps. As I roam the neighborhood I lose sense of the time. I look at my watch and notice that i'm almost at 30 minutes of running. I then head back home running over my intended time.

Today's Run: 37:30

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