Saturday, June 17, 2006

Progression run

Today was a fast finish progression run. I ran 80% of the workout at a steady, easy pace and then progressed to a faster pace for the remainder of the workout. I felt very stale early in my run, but around 20 minutes into it the body felt better. For some reason it takes my legs and body some time to warm up. I ran the first 64 minutes at an easy pace and then the last 10 minutes faster at about 5:45 pace. The pace felt good and comfortably hard. I actually wanted to run more, but tomorrow is my long run so i'll save the legs. Tomorrow, i'll run for about 1:45 or about 15-16miles.

Today's Run: 1:14:29

1 comment:

marappu said...

That sounds like a tough run. Are you taking EPO or something to bounce back so quickly after these runs?

BTW, I've linked you up on my site.