Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A late afternoon run again

Like the past couple days, I wasn't able to put in a run in the morning. I told myself throughout the day that I was going to run after work regardless of what time I got off. I left my office at 7pm. My body was anxious to run again. I wanted to put in a decent run, but at the same time not running too much since tomorrow's planned workout is a pace booster run. I needed to ensure that I kept this run easy or else I'd be feeling it tomorrow morning. I ended up doing an out and back course, going out 31 minutes and coming back a little faster. I felt really good today and I think my body is accustomed to the hot weather. Wait a minute, I come from an island and a very hot place.... I should be used to this weather.

Today's Run: 1:00:30

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