Monday, June 19, 2006

What's the hurry?

What was suppose to be an easy run didn't turn out as easy as I wanted it to be. I ran with my good friend Bob and a couple of Fort Bragg runners training for the Army 10-Miler. I really wanted to go easy and run according to how the body felt. The guys started the run at about sub-7:00 pace and kept it at that pace for most of the run. I mean the pace wasn't fast at all, but it was an easy day. I wanted to take it very easy since I was coming off a long run yesterday and a progression run on Saturday. My legs were feeling a little fatigue from the last couple runs. I found out that I was the only one who put in a long run yesterday. That may explain why they were running at a decent pace. This is the first time running with the 10-miler guys and I can already tell that each workout ends up being a race. For now I plan to continue training on my own, especially that I've been very successful at it.

Today's run: 1:05:36

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