Monday, June 26, 2006

One run, different terrain

The great thing about running is that we can still put in a workout regardless of the time of day. Early morning before work, lunch time, or in the evening. For me, I prefer running in the morning when it's cooler. It's the best way to start out the day and you actually get the workout out of the way. This wasn't the case today. I had to run in the late afternoon because of my work schedule. Sometimes my best runs are in the afternoon or early evening. The body is already awake and the muscles are warmed up.

What was an easy run didn't seem easy because of the humidity and heat. I made today's run interesting by running on different terrain. I hit the pavement and then headed for the trails. It was really nice to hit the trails, especially because there was lots of shade. From the trails I headed for the golf course and ran on the clean-cut grass. I ended up running about 9 1/4 miles.

Today's Run: 1:04:45

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